Homework & Study Time
      We make sure your children have time to study and finish their homework. We gladly assist them with any work they       need help on or have questions with.

      Confidence Building
      We have dealt with many children from all walks of life. That being said, parents see major changes from their                 children interacting with others at our school while also bettering themselves.
      Team Building Activities
      If your children are shy, or simply aren't regularly interacting with others their age, they will certainly quickly break           out of that shell by working with others.

      Bully Defense
      If your child is having trouble in school with other students, or you would like them to be prepared for any                           potential threats, our programs are EXACTLY what you are looking for!

     Tkd4Kids / Kali4Kids
     We are one of the only, if not THE only authentic multi-style schools in the local area. If you are interested in                      getting your children into After-School sports, New Wave is right for you. Not only will they learn various styles of            Martial Arts, they will also learn respect and build confidence while making friends inside the New Wave                            family. Many parents have came up to our staff stating how the confidence, respect, motivation and other                        traits have carried on from our school, to their homes and schools. 
What Our After School Program Offers:
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Are you rushing from work daily to make sure your children are getting picked up from school on time? Worry no longer! Our friendly New Wave Team will be glad to eliminate that stress from you, while giving your children a fun and educational environment to go to while you finish your work. We have the largest exercise mat in the Baltimore County area with 5 Regular Masters on Staff. We are family-owned and operated, so we fully understand the need to make sure your children are safe while they continue to learn and grow socially and educationally.
Would you like to find out more about what we offer at New Wave Martial Arts in Perry Hall, Maryland? Feel free to visit our website @ OUR WEBSITE.
You can also email us at mastershawn@newwavema.com